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Our company stable program to invest! and Supplies Inc. since 1997 has been creating unique interiors for offices and houses of Great Britain. Even during the formation of our company we have set high bar of quality standards, and always focused on creating not only unique, but also highly artistic interior objects, works of authorship, design masterpieces which are available to everyone.
We chose the way of interior production, due to the fact that design is a kind of formula to continue life of art in contemporary culture. For everyone, art should be an integral part of his life, especially if person has a desire to change not only his home, but also the world around.
First designer collection was released in early 1997, in Bridgenorth. Since then, we have significantly expanded our production lines. There were issued bathrooms, hallways, bedrooms, garden furniture and much more. During long years of flawless stable program to invest! and Supplies Inc. acquired a huge number of fans of our work and we don’t stop on our laurels. Today, we focus on expanding of our production, both in UK and other countries around the world.
Our team of best European designers carefully follow the latest trends of art in the world and is very sensitive to all innovations in production technologies, embodying the most daring ideas. Professional approach of our designers not only provides high performance, but also creative implementation of tasks. stable program to invest! and Supplies Inc. actively joins rapidly growing market of design art. but also follow their own style.